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    Take the Guessing Out of Investing

    Financial education to help you grow independently.​​

  • Learn to Invest Like a Pro

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    Learn how to THINK

    Master your mindset

    A long-term mindset is key to any successful investor. Balancing emotion with all the hype and noise is not easy. Stock prices can move wildly at times, but the value of companies depends on its business. Here you will learn to “Buy the business, not the stock.“

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    Learn how to EVALUATE

    Quantitative vs Qualitiative

    Since (stock) prices represent the combined wisdom (or lack thereof) of all its investors, it is essential that you understand what any particular company is worth at any given time. Valuations differ from company to company and sector to sector. You will learn the differences, understand historical norms, and apply them to today’s market.

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    Learn how to BUILD

    A portfolio that works for YOU

    How you build your foundation will determine the strength of your portfolio and future. Here you will learn the many types of risks in investing and the time-tested methods to control them.

  • What makes InvestTalk Academy so different?

    InvestTalk Academy is an online course that offers a mix of financial and investing lessons from Steve Peasley and Justin Klein. If you want a financial resource from experienced money managers you trust, then this online course if for you. With over 70 lessons on a variety of financial topics, you can revisit the material anytime you like.


    What you will be able to accomplish:

    • Increase your financial literacy
    • Build a well-diversified investment portfolio
    • Understand economic and stock cycles
    • Recognize, and avoid common mistakes

  • What You Will Learn

    10 Key financial subjects + All the professional methods

    The tools you need to become a wealthy and informed investor



    We will teach you how to think about investing. How the market works and how to control; fear and greed. Here you will learn not only about stocks but how the world economy affects different stocks and sectors.


    Saving & Planning

    Saving money and building wealth takes effort and time, but with guidance, you can achieve financial goals that should ensure a comfortable life. Here you will learn how to use various retirement vehicles and understand how to maximize them.


    Portfolio Building

    Buying assets whether they be stocks, ETFs, mutual funds or fixed income instruments is just a part of building a balanced well-diversified portfolio. Here you will learn time-tested rules to help you stay on a road of steady success.


    Quantitative Analysis

    Learn to interpret the numbers and understand how they affect stock prices. You will learn not only what the company reports and estimates mean but also how different types of companies and industries are evaluated.


    Qualitative Analysis

    You will learn what brand names and management skills mean to the performance of the company and its relationship to the stock price. How companies ward off competitors and the destruction of certain companies while others thrive in the same industry.


    Technical Analysis

    We will delve deeply into the art of chart reading. From moving averages to the many methods of applying studies to the movement of stock prices over time. How to use them to help identify buy and sell points not only for individual stocks but for broad indexes as well.


    Economic Analysis

    Learn how to differentiate between leading and lagging economic indicators. How economies work and how to interpret the data about on impact of the economic cycle on stock prices. The roll the Federal Reserve plays, as well as the political climate on stock prices.


    Real Estate

    Learn the pros and cons of real estate investing. How to buy properties and how to understand the returns made from real estate as an investment. Discover the best use of leverage when buying and tax laws that complicate the investment.


    Fixed Income

    Learn how to define fixed income investments. How they work and when they are appropriate as an investment. Defining the different components of bonds. How the level of interest rates affect government and corporate bonds. What ratings of the bonds mean.


    Common Pitfalls

    This will cover a wide area of different risk an investor faces. From scams to common mistakes. The problems with penny stocks and why they should be avoided. Understand what pump and dump con artists push and how publications are used to trap the unwary.

  • Your Instructors

    Steve Peasley and Justin Klein have over 60 years of combined experience in portfolio and money management. Hosts of the popular Radio show and Podcast InvestTalk, they have been providing unbiased, independent investment advice for 20 years.

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    Steve Peasley

    President KPP Financial

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    Justin Klein

    CEO KPP Finacial

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    What is My Investment?

    For $395 you get:

    • Over 70 recorded professional lessons in finance and investing from Steve Peasley and Justin Klein.
    • 30-day 100% money-back guarantee.
    • Revisit the lessons anytime you like 24/7!

  • 30 Day money back Guarantee

    We back every purchase with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

    If you don't like the course, if it just doesn't work for you, return it within 30 days of receipt. 

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